Sport Kites
Whether you enjoy expanding your range of tricks with a Rev, piloting a fighter, or hanging your line laundry in the sky with your Rok, we can provide what you need to make your kiting more fun. 

We have a large stock of the latest designs, and also many unique discontinued kites.

A wide selection of carbon and fiberglass spars for replacement or kite making is always in stock. See us for Skyshark, Advantage, Beman, G-Force, Glassforms, Easton and many other makers. 

Reels and line for single-line kites

Line laundry, winders, stakes and more.

Kites by:   Flying Wings - Benson - Prism   PBSK - Revolution - New Tech - Flexifoil - Go Fly a Kite - Joel Scholz - Active People - Elliot - HQ Invnto - Level One - Premier - Quadrifoil - Sun Oak - Spectra Star -  Peter Lynn

3350 Sports Arena Blvd.  Suite J
San Diego, Ca 92110
Open Tuesday-Saturday 11-6
Closed Sunday and Monday